The Best Natural Cat Litter: Top 4 Picks in 2018

Have you ever struggled with choosing the right cat litter? What brand you should buy or how much money you should put into it? It’s important that you buy a cat litter that suits your cats’ needs, a litter that guarantees odor control and doesn’t dust away. 

But have you ever thought about what the different cat litter actually contains?

Among many of different cat litters, there are some that contain natural, environmentally friendly materials. We want to aviod plastic bags and spending lots of time cleaning your litter box. Natural cat litter is definitely something to consider, both for you, your cat and the environment.

Overview: High Quality Natural Cat Litters

ProductManufacturerOur rating
ökocat Clumping Wood LitterHealthy Pet4.8/5
Original Cat LitterFeline Pine4.5/5
sWheat Scoop All Natural Cat LitterPet Care Systems4.4/5
Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat LitterUltra Pet4/5

*More information about each product below*

What is natural cat litter?

Most cat litters are clay-based, which have both good and bad sides. Some clay-based litters do clump. The urine then absorbs and creates clumps that are easily removed. The downside with these cat litters is the amount of trash you get when cleaning the litter box out.

You end up using a lot of plastic bags and other waste that’s a no-go for the environment. And don’t even think about flushing the waste down the toilet if you appreciate your piping system!

So what’s the alternative cat litter you can choose? Well, natural cat litter might just be your best option. 

Natural cat litters are produced from more environmentally responsible materials, such as plant-based litters made from corn, wood, pine or wheat. This creates a natural waste and some of these materials are even designed to be flushed down the toilet. 

But be careful, because every natural cat litter isn’t good for your pipes. Another reason to be careful with flushing cat litter is that feces could contain parasites that can remain in the water supply.

Why choose natural cat litter?

Besides from being environmentally friendly, natural cat litter is easy to clean. There’s no longer need for wiping, washing or scraping. Natural cat litter made from recycled paper is lightweight, extremely absorbent and can actually be flushed down the toilet.

If you choose wood litters, pine gives a good scent and does an excellent job controlling your cats waste odors. Some litters based on grain or corn can also neutralize odor. For more information on plant-based litter, take a look at this article.

Yes, natural cat litter is definitely something to consider for your furry friend. But I’ll say it again; keep in mind that it’s important to make sure the natural litter is safe for your piping system. Some natural cat litters need to be flushed several times, while others are not designed for septic systems at all.

Best Natural Cat Litter Reviews:

1. ökocat Clumping Wood Litter

Healthy Pet’s ökocat has soft, ground pellets, with a promise of 7-days odor control. The pellets are biodegradable and flushable, which makes it easier to clean. The product also guarantees superior clumping.

What makes ökocat worth the price is the softness of the wood. The pellets are good if your cat has sensitive paws or has recently been declawed. The litter clumps well, is free of antimicrobials and doesn’t leave a strange scent of wood.

  • Odor control
  • Great clumping ability
  • Almost no dust
  • No fragrance
  • Some tracking

2. Feline Pine Cat Litter

Feline Pine Cat Litter naturally neutralizes strong odor, leaving your home fresh and clean. The highly absorbent pine litter binds directly to ammonia particles and locks them in. Feline Pine Cat Litter is also without any chemicals and scoops up fully absorbed liquid.

The pellets soften up when in contact with urine and turns into a sawdust texture, without getting caught in your cats’ paws. Tracking is minimal and has a great odor control. Dusting is no problem, which is healthier for any cat and cat owner.

  • Odor control
  • No dust
  • Soft pellets
  • No chemicals
  • Some tracking from sawdust

3. sWheat Scoop All-Natural Cat Litter

This one is an all-natural cat litter made from naturally renewable wheat, with no harmful ingredients. This product is good for a long-lasting odor control, fast clumping that’s easy to scoop up and has no perfumes or dye added. The litter is veterinarian recommended, 100 % biodegradable and great for multiple-cat homes.

The traditional litter contains chemicals like sodium bentonite and crystalline silica. sWheat Scoop is farmer grown, ground up and then bagged for purchase. sWheat Scoop All-Natural Cat Litter is also a great option for litter box training. 

  • Odor control
  • Fast clumping
  • No dust
  • A bit expensive
  • Some tracking

4. Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter

Eco Fresh is a natural cat litter which forms firm clumps that are easily removed from the box. The small pellets are soft on your cats’ paws and keeps urine from reaching the bottom of the litter. The granules control the strong odor from the waste and urine, and the litter is easy to clean!

The product is made from 100 % natural zeolite and includes sanel; a natural cat attractant made from tree resin. It’s the perfect litter for kitties who are under potty training, as well as senior cats who refuse to use the litter box. The product comes in a bag with a strong handle, which makes it simple to carry. The sanel reminds your cat of the outdoors.

The products previous name was Better Way Flushable Cat Litter, but had to change its name due to the legal definition of “flushable”. However, some reviews say it’s easy to flush and that it’s the perfect litter for kitties under training.

  • Odor control
  • Cat attractant
  • Versatile
  • Pleasant smell
  • Some dust
  • Some tracking

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