The Best Heated Cat Beds: Keep Your Kitten Warm And Happy

Cats spend an average of 12-16 hours of the day sleeping. This is between half and two-thirds of the day, which in fact means that they spend up to two-thirds of their life sleeping! What a great life, right? Knowing this, it makes sense to invest in their comfort. Why not go for one of the best heated cat beds on the market?

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ProductWhy we like itQualityEditor’s rating
K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat BedSuits all catsA4.9/5
K&H Thermo-Kitty Fashion SplashOrthopedic foamB4.7/5
Thermotex Infrared Therapeutic Pet BedGreat for senior cats and cats with arthritisA+4.5/5
Fluffy Paws Indoor Pet BedFits any budgetB-4/5

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Why choose a heated cat bed?

There are several reasons why you should consider providing a thermal cat bed for your furry companion. 

1. Heated cat beds can help relieve pain in cats with arthritis in a safe way. Arthritis can cause some major pain. This is often treated with painkillers, which can cause side effects. Heat treatment is a safe way to relive your cat from their pain. This should be started early on when arthritis is still in its mild stages.

2. Although we love their company, we don’t always want our cats to steal our space. Cats are attracted to warm places and enjoy sleeping in comfortable temperatures. Because the living room usually is the warmest place in the house, our cats often end up on the sofa or in our favorite chair. 

A heated cat bed will provide your cat with a great alternative so that both you and your cat can have a comfortable place to relax. Heated cat beds can be moved to other rooms, providing a warm spot for your cat outside of the living room. 

3. Keeps your cat comfortable while you are away. A heated cat bed allows you to turn down the heat in your house when you are away, and still keep your cat comfortable. Most heated cat beds are more energy and cost efficient compared to heating an entire room. 

In addition to cost and efficiency, there is also a safety aspect. Items such as space heaters may be knocked over by cats, so a heated cat bed may provide a better option for their comfort. 

What To Look For in a Heated Cat Bed

Picking one of the best heated cat beds for your cat is quite easy. Let us face it, there is (almost) no chance your cat will dislike a warm cozy bed. However, there are a couple of best practices to follow to make sure your cat will love the bed you get them. 

1. Make sure that the bed is large enough to fit your cat when he or she is stretched out and fully grown. Cats do like to curl up while sleeping, but they should be allowed to stretch out every now and then. 

2. As well as being comfortable and soft, the bed should also be durable and easy to clean. 

3. Heated cat beds should always be safety tested and certified! If your heated cat bed does not come with a chew-resistant cord, make sure to buy or make some additional protection. A clever trick is to tape it to the floor so that your cat cannot play with it. 

Heated Cat Bed Reviews - Our Top Picks in 2018:

1. K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

This one is a heated cat bed recommended for indoor use. It has a soft foam padding both in the bed and on the sidewalls, something your sleepy kitten will be very happy about. 

It uses a small 4-watt heating element to safely raise the temperature on the surface of the bed. When unoccupied it raises the temperature 10-15 degrees above the ambient room temperature. This feature ensures that your cat is drawn to the heated cat bed.

When it is used the bed will heat up to your cat’s body temperature, about 102 degrees. The heated cat bed is not pressure activated. Instead, it uses a more reliable dual thermostat to regulate the heat and ensure that your cat’s temperature is just right. 

Note that there is no on/off switch, so the heating element is always working as long as it is plugged in. It should give comfort to know that Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed is safety tested by MET Safety Laboratories, and is designed to be used 24/7. 

This heated cat bed is available in 16-inch and 20-inch size. The cover is also available in the colors sage and mocha. The entire cover can be removed by unzipping it, something that is quite handy when you want to wash it. 

Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed from K&H is a product we really like and can recommend. We believe that its safety, comfort and versatility make it one of the best heated cat beds on the market.

  • MET safety tested
  • Can be used 24/7
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Not enough heat for some cats

2. K&H Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash

This one is one of the simplest thermal cat beds, but still a sound choice. It comes in two different sizes, 18-inch round and 16×22-inch oval for larger cats. 

The smallest size has a 4-watt heating element, while the large one uses 7 watts. It uses the same dual thermostat heat regulation as Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed and will heat your cat to a comfortable 102 degrees. This heated cat bed accommodates high electrical standards and has been tested by MET Safety Laboratories.

K&H’s Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash uses an orthopedic foam base, designed for your cat’s comfort. Orthopedic foam is a special type that offers support to joints and overall body. This is a great choice for any cat, but especially for senior cats and cats with arthritis as it can prevent and relieve pain. 

This bed comes in two different colors, and the cover can easily be removed for washing.

  • MET safety tested
  • Can be used 24/7
  • Orthopedic foam
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Too small for extra large cats

3. Thermotex Infrared Therapeutic Pet Bed

Thermotex Infrared Therapeutic Pet Bed is a great option for those that really want to spoil their kittens. This heated cat bed is of top quality and well padded for your cat’s comfort. It is suitable for cats of all sizes, all the way up to 24 lbs! 

It uses a 35-watt heating element that can be regulated from low to high as needed. Thermotex has actually made this heated cat bed using the same technology as they use in their products for personal use. It is designed to provide relief from pain and stress caused by muscle stiffness and joint problems, using deep penetrating heat.

While it is quite an expensive product, we cannot help but recommend this one for those that are willing to go the extra mile for their cats. It is definitely one of the best heated cat beds on the market. 


  • Great option for senior cats and cats with arthritis
  • Large size
  • Comfortable
  • Can be used 24/7
  • Expensive

4. Fluffy Paws Indoor Pet Bed

Last but not least, we got Fluffy Paws Indoor Pet Bed. It is available in three sizes, so you are sure to find one that will fit your cat. It is also very lightweight which makes it easy to move and a great option for travel.

The bed has a 34-watt heating element that is constantly regulated by a thermostat. This helps make it energy efficient and to provide a comfortable temperature for your cat. Fluffy Paws Indoor Pet Bed has heat on two sides, where one side is warmer than the other. Simply turn it around to make it either warmer or colder. 

This heated cat bed has a comfortable fleece cover that is easy to remove. The top cover is durable and also has a no-skid side to keep it from moving around. The heating element inside is water resistant, and the cord is protected by a cover that makes it resistant against chewing. This provides safety for both owners and pets!

  • Available sizes for all cats
  • Chew-resistant cord
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight
  • Affordable
  • The padding is a bit thin

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